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From the hood to the microscope; Revolutionizing cell-based imaging

Join us for an interactive, educational webinar that showcases some of the latest advancements in cell-based research and imaging. Learn as we explore how to obtain superior results through the careful selection of reagents and the optimization of your imaging workflow— from growing cells on suitable surfaces through to image capture. Particular attention will be given to growing and monitoring cells for imaging, fluorescent labeling of live cells, critical considerations for time-lapse imaging and optimizing live cell imaging.

Topics include:

  • Choose a suitable imaging culture vessel for studying cell growth and viability using bright-field microscopy
  • Label cells to maximize signal-to-noise for fluorescence imaging
  • Prepare culture conditions and capture images without losing temporal data for time-lapse imaging
  • Achieve hypoxic culture conditions by modifying gas conditions or employing cell spheroid cultures

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Cell Culture Cafe


Magnus Persmark, Ph.D.
Senior Product Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific