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Surface Selection: Achieving Optimal Cell Growth and Harvesting
In this webinar, we give an overview of established and novel technologies used to modify cultureware surfaces for optimally growing adherent as well as non-adherent mammalian cells. We characterize the different Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ surfaces by their adhesion properties and provide examples of how best to select the best culture surface for your application. We also present alternative methods to help improve cell harvesting.

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Webinar Details

Dr. Thomas Stelzer
Technical & Applications Support Manager
Labware and Speciality Products
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Topics include:

  • Different technologies for surface modification improving cell adhesion
  • Overview and characterization of Nunc cell culture surfaces arranged by adhesion properties
  • Examples how to select the right surface for an application
  • Alternative methods for advanced cell harvesting

Cell Culture Dishes

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