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Are Your Cells Thriving? Understanding All Incubation Parameters for Sensitive Cell Growth

In advanced biological applications such as pharmaceutical testing, regenerative medicine/cell therapy, and modeling of cancer, immunology, neurology etc., the integrity and health of cells are proportionally more important. To best support sensitive cells and to ensure they give accurate responses predictive of in vivo conditions, new CO2 incubators designed for 21st century cell culture offer better culturing environments than previously available. This presentation will help you understand how all incubation parameters work together to support cell health.

Topics include:

  • Discuss the science behind each incubation feature and adjustments that can help
  • Explain uniformity and recovery and how they affect results
  • Dispel common myths about air circulation, automated sterilization, passive contamination control, and more

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Cell Culture Cafe


Mary Kay Bates, M.S.
Global Cell Culture Specialist
Thermo Fisher Scientific