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Versatile is smart! The power behind culturing cells on a porous membrane

There are times when your cell-based research calls for more than your standard cell culture vessels and dishes. The porous membrane and unique structure of cell culture inserts enables the versatility you need by allowing the attached surface of your cells to be exposed to growth media and different conditions simultaneously— providing easier methods for some procedures, such as cultures that require an air-liquid interface and media feeding

In this presentation, we examine the possible uses and adaptability of cell culture inserts and review a case study using cell culture inserts to produce an artificial skin growth model at air-liquid interface.

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Webinar Details

Bob Scott
Application Scientist
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Topics include:

  • Pros and cons of standard cell culture vs. porous membrane cell culture
  • Wide range of applications for Cell Culture Inserts
  • Construction of artificial skin models at air-liquid interface on Cell Culture Insert
  • Precise positioning of Cell Culture Inserts in the wells of the Carrier Plate