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No more separation anxiety! A research case study: Gentle, non-enzymatic detachment of sensitive cells
What if you could gently detach even the most sensitive cells without enzymes or scraping, all while maintaining the effectiveness of your process, increasing the ease and speed of detachment and preserving cell surface proteins?

Please join research scientist and esteemed colleague, Marten B. Maeß from Friedrich Schiller University – Jena, Germany – as he presents his research showing the application of an innovative surface to enable transfection and non-invasive detachment of macrophages. This research case study can be applied to diverse applications and cell types, offering insights into viable alternatives to your cell detachment methods.

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Webinar Details

Marten B. Maeß
Research Scientist
Friedrich Schiller University

Topics include:

  • A research overview: Approaches to transfection and transfection of human macrophages
  • Optimizing macrophage transfection protocol Detachment of cells by temperature reductionn
  • Consistent transfection efficiency and preserved functionality of the transfected cells