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Solutions for Optimizing Stem Cell Expansion and Pluripotency
Whether you're focused on cell signaling and development, drug discovery, or cell replacement therapies, your investigations require billions of cells. A viable alternative source for these studies is pluripotent stem cells. Learn how you can accelerate the pace of your discoveries by optimizing pluripotent stem cell cryopreservation and expansion while maintaining pluripotency in both feeder-dependant and feeder-free systems.

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Webinar Details

Amy Sinor-Anderson, PhD  
Senior Research Scientist
Labware & Specialty Plastics
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Topics include:

  • Promoting healthy stem cell morphology
  • Achieving fast expansion of pluripotent stem cells
  • Maintaining pluripotency
  • Improving stem cell recovery from cryopreservation

Cell Culture Café

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